iOS app development trends in 2020

So, what is new about iOS app development? Each year Apple’s fans wait for something that will surprise them even more. Let us embark on the pool of trends that are dominating in year 2020.

1. Siri and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence flurries the beautiful minds of famous engineers. Do you remember the “Iron Man” movie? AI was Tony Stark’s best weapon, a computer that could do almost anything. If you are an Apple device user, you will get Siri as your personal assistant.

Recently Apple released SiriKit for iOS developers. Now iOS and WatchOS apps work with Siri using voice only. This integration has many benefits, like hands-free use and user access from the lock screen. So, now your apps (integrated with Siri) are ready for use in a new shortcut app section.

2. Security

The security issue remains vital since we have dealt with technology. Personal data can be stolen or lost. The hackers are getting more furious and advanced. Keeping this in mind Apple created App Transport Security for every newly published iOS app.

3. CoreML

A huge iOS app development trend is Core Machine Learning (CoreML). Apple launched this framework for building apps crosswise Apple devices. CoreML is able to build apps that are indeed quick to react. Actually, such apps are the fastest as compared to general iOS applications. Good integration with Siri, QuickType, and the iPhone camera added more “likes” to CoreML.

4. Experience the most ambitious app (AR/VR and 3D)

What’s new in ARKit 2? When it was deployed to millions of devices, it made iOS the biggest and the most advanced AR platform. This time one can experience several improvements, like enhancements for face tracking. ARKit also gives you environment texturing, saving and loading maps. You can also detect 3D objects in a scene.

5. IoT and HomeKit

BI Intelligence research predicts that there will be over 24 billion IoT devices by 2020. IoT is a big part of iOS app development especially after the launching of HomeKit. Obviously, it has to be included in the list of app trends. That’s why it is absolutely useful for iOS developers to make apps that connect to IoT devices. In other words, IoT devices share information with mobile devices. And guess who is at the head of all this? Siri, of course. A user will be able to create manipulations within the house staying away from it, just with the help of Siri.

6. Apple Pay. Do you need it?

Apple pay is almost ready to replace your wallet. This system has already spread around the world. Apple Pay is very easy and works with Apple devices you use every day. Any type of payment is available with this digital wallet.

The positive side of Apple pay is its security: a user doesn’t need to save his card details.

7. Swift 5

All iOS developers know that Apple’s Swift is simple. Its numerous advantages made Swift one of the top programming languages. Indeed Swift can be counted as one of the developing trends. This language is easy to learn, and Swift 5 will bring even more advantages and opportunities for iOS developers.

The growth of iOS application development during the last years

Each year on its performance Apple shares the statistic to show how profitable the year was for iOS developers. This year one can observe the picture of stable growth. While assembling a set of all Apple App Store Statistics, we can notice that the brand is going really far and becomes a very important part of the millions of iOS device users’ lives.

Let’s have a look at the several facts that point to the growth of iOS development:

  • The number of apps on the App Store is 2.1 million in 2018. In 2017 its total number was approximately 2 million.
  • Apple App Store revenue was computed at $22.6B while in 2017 it was at $17.8B.
  • The revenue that iOS app developers received in 2018 is 30% more than they received in 2017.
  • The total number of downloads shows a rise of 10.6% between 2017 and 2018.
  • The number of app downloads has increased by 75% since Apple Watch has been launched.

What should one consider before building an app and how much would it cost

Have you ever wondered how much would it cost to build an app especially if you are hiring an app developer? Well, the answer is – “it depends”. The price depends on design (basic, individual, custom), complexity, number of pages, features, infrastructure, nature of the industry, and functionality; what type of application would it be: business, games, education, lifestyle, social, entertainment, or other; the type of platform you pick: Android, iOS, WP; database, CRM integrations, and many other.

The more complex app will grab more money because it needs more time to outline and develop. While developing an app, you have to go through many stages. Some of them can reduce the cost for you, while others increase it.

To be short, the average price to build an app is $171,450 according to the Clutch survey.

Let’s find out what one should know before developing an iOS app:

1. Good iOS market research

The world of iOS apps is very different but the main thing remains: when you are trying to start a new business, you need a good market field. Any app idea should be checked carefully. The point is that your app must sell a unique offer.

Each app has strong and weak sides. While vetting them, you can get an improved product.

2. Success in mobile app quality

We have already mentioned the number of available iOS apps. In the future users will experience even a greater number of iOS apps on different devices. Apps with similar services perform the work differently. Don’t expect your audience to be patient with bad performance. This is a matter of quality. They can switch to a better performing app at any time.

3. Pick the right iOS development specialists

There is an enormous number of app development firms and app specialists. The best team is the one that will continue working on your app to the point when it could be sold better. It is about people who you need to choose as your team.

4. Make small steps towards the gain

Now let’s return to the money issue. Just imagine that your budget is limited. The best decision, in this case, is to launch your app for checking users’ reactions. In the case of a negative response, you can go back and start it all over again not spending extra money.

5. Design is important when developing iOS apps

Don’t ever neglect the design. This is a huge mistake, and many application owners used to commit it in the past. The design influences the first impression of any customer, and this in its turn impacts his/her attitude toward an app. If you don’t want to lose the audience, pay attention to the design. Every extra minute spent on perfecting the look of your app would never be unfruitful.

6. iOS code quality

This side of any application is the last thing that any user would like to see. However, the quality of the code influences such aspects as load speed, the size of an app, and the way an application works in general.

At this point, you should pay attention to such a thing as harmony between the quality of an app and its cost. This is the stage where parsimony is pointless.

7. Test your iOS app

Quality Analysis is a super significant step in any app development project. When your team is ready with the project, test it properly. Each element of your application has to be checked on a higher level. There must be no hole at this stage. Use any scenario that might happen while operating an app.

One of the best ways of how to identify the bugs that have sneaked into your app is to test it yourself or give it to friends or family.

8. set up the right price for your iOS app

Now it is time to price your app reasonably. The app must be affordable. Haven’t you noticed hundreds of free and at the same time popular applications? This is where revenue becomes less important than price. Fan-base is more significant than income. You can receive revenue using premium features or an advertisement.

9. Spread the word around your mobile app

People like to buy things that are good advertised. Any application is a product that will be sold better when people hear something buzzing. Such a platform as Facebook may serve as an excellent tool for advertisement. The main idea is to attract as many people as possible.

10. Keep developing your app and keep up with the modern iOS technologies

It is always good to have some ideas about adding new features to an app. Apple loves mobile app developers who add all the latest features the company introduces and often features them on the App Store.

Take care of your application and it will take care of you. Besides, a regular change of a design attracts the audience and makes it come back again and again.

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